Ensō – Zen Circle
since 2006 a place for people to become initiated in the Mystery of Existence, the light that brings forth the world we live in and the endless universe.

Sensei Ben Hui-Chao Claessens is a monk (Unsui – homeless as clouds and water), priest and formal teacher at Zen school ‘Ensō – Zen Circle’. He became the 83e successor in a line of teachers in the mystic school of Buddhism (Zen) that goes back to India in the 5th Century BC, took roots in China (4th century), Japan 6-9th century, the US and Europe (20th century). He is the first successor of Zenmaster Maurice Shonen Genko Roshi (82e Patriarch). He conducts the various ceremonies in Soto-Zen tradition: Jukai (becoming Buddhist), Shukke (homeless as clouds and water) Tokudo (Ceremony of homelessness | Unsui ), Shiho (formal transmission)

Grondbeginselen Ensō – Zen Circle

Grondbeginselen bij Enso Zen Circle

What is Soto-Zen

Introducing Soto Zen — Soto Zen Buddhist Association (szba.org)

Zenbuddhist anniversaries

The Buddha – April 4
Dogen Zenji – January 26 1200 – 1253
Keizan Zenji – November 21 1264 – 1325
Maezumi Roshi – February 24 1931 – May 15 1995
Genpo Roshi – June 3 1944
Genko Roshi – April 1963

Retraites Sensei Ben in 2024


Every person can be, by nature,
directly be in touch of the divine,
without any need of tradition,
a written scripture,
or an institutional church
(Ralph Walden Emerson)